5 Plausible Possibilities For Marvel's Potential New Female-Led ABC Series

5 Plausible Possibilities For Marvel's Potential New Female-Led ABC Series

5 Plausible Possibilities For Marvel's Potential New Female-Led ABC Series

With speculation abound as to what a tease by a Marvel Television executive earlier today could mean for the future of ABC's Marvel slate, this is a look at potential contenders for the new opening.

Earlier today, Marvel's own Karim Zreik talked about the state and future of Marvel Television, and revealed an interesting new bit of information: that Marvel was developing a new, "female-focused" program for the ABC Network. Naturally, this has led to a flurry of theorizing and speculation as to what this show could possibly be about. Below are compiled several possibilites as to what that project could be.


One of Marvel's most prominent new characters of the past few years, the character that filled Carol Danvers old mantle is certainly a prospect that could be explored on television. Kamala Khan is an Inhuman, who have been explored on both Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and, naturally, the Inhumans show, so it is certainly not impossible for her to appear. And while the Captain Marvel movie does not release until 2019, since it is set in the 90's it is far from implausible that Kamala could know of her existence in modern day, even before the movie comes out. Combine that with Joe Quesada's hinting in the past of her becoming a part of the MCU and the varied (though unconfirmed) reports of a show starring her already being in development, Ms. Marvel certainly seems like a contender to join the television side of Marvel's cinematic universe.

While one of the more obscure of Marvel's heroines, 80's-era private eye could definitely fit among ABC as a procedural show, especially with Zreik's comment on the new show being "Jessica Jones-esque" (though that descriptor is so broad it could essentially mean any number of things ranging from tone to genre to having social commentary elements). While definitely not an odds-on favorite, the character would fit in among the other spies of ABC's Marvel shows.


While from a technical standpoint Jennifer Walters powers could definitely be a difficult task to tackle (in particular her tendency to constantly be green every second of the day), a significant portion of that issue could be avoided if they adapted Mariko Tomaki's recent run on the character, where Walters is not constantly hulked out and is grey instead of green. Not to mention, if ABC was willing to consider a TV show on the actual Hulk himself (as they did many years ago with Guillermo Del Toro at the helm), it's not implausible She-Hulk could step up to the plate herself.


Another favorite among the women of Marvel's audience, the Young Avenger is another plausible candidate for her own show, having gained a significant cult following since her debut in 2011, as well has her own solo comic. In addition, it would make her Marvel's first openly lesbian solo lead, which could help her play very well to ABC's audience.

Whoever said there had to be just one lead? While it certainly wouldn't be likely in a straight adaptation (with various characters both in the films and in other parts of the television side to start with, and some characters like Dazzler not even owned by Marvel outright), a modified, network budgeted version of the team could fit alongside ABC's other Marvel teams of S.H.I.E.L.D and the Inhuman Royal Family, or not unlike the CW's own team show Legends of Tomorrow.
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