Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cast And Crew Discuss The Remainder Of Season 1, Tease Returning Villains

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cast And Crew Discuss The Remainder Of Season 1, Tease Returning Villains

While speaking specifically about upcoming character revelations and guest stars, the show runners also speak on the return of previous villains and the possibility of taking the cast into different realms. More info after the jump!

On The 'Bigger' Plan For Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.:

"We've had a plan from the beginning. The first half [of the season] was to lay the groundwork. And as we approach the end of the season, you'll see that all of that will pay off. Full throttle is the key word for it." - Maurissa Tancharoen

On The Upcoming Lorelei Introduction To The Marvel Cinematic Universe:

"She has the power of sorcery, so that's interesting to see how our team deals with that......Maybe a few are enamored with her," - Maurissa Tancharoen

On Guest Star Jaimie Alexander As 'Lady Sif':

"She is a woman warrior and she's godlike and she has to wear these kicka** boots and I was so happy I wasn't the only one who had to walk around this awful floor and fight in high heel boots......It was just nice to have someone else on set to empathize with" - Ming-Na Wen

"The language barriers, it was really fun to write. And seeing how she will take something literally. If Coulson will throw a line at her, she actually does the literal version of that physically" - Jed Whedon

On Distancing 'Fitz' And 'Simmons':

"We spend more time apart, that's for sure. And I do think that different dynamics are going to come in and shake it up a little bit. But, I do think at the core, we'll always be FitzSimmons" - Elizabeth Henstridge

On The Return Of 'Blizzard', 'Graviton' And Other Villains:

Some of them are long throws. When we encounter things each week, we don't want feel like, 'Oh, here's a guy who can do this, and let's learn about what that is real quick.' It feels sort of unearned and very standalone. So now that we've planted some of those seeds, we can encounter those people down the line and it will feel more earned." - Jed Whedon

On Bill Paxson Joining The Cast For A 4 Episode Arc:

"Bill is the best person ever. We're a really tight-knit group of people, so it might be intimidating for other guest stars to come on. Bill fits right in. He's incredible. He's so funny; I love him and I really like his character. ... He is awesome. Everyone's going to love his character." - Chloe Bennett

In light of the recent development that we will see a 'Thor 3' in the coming years, the guys at Zap2it asked about possibly taking the Agents off-world. While they were told that there are no plans for a dimension hopping adventure this season, the show runners have "discussed taking their SHIELD agents to fictional Marvel worlds. It won't happen until farther down the road, though, as they want the characters to fully exist in their own world first." and add that "The pair said they're gong to roll out new universes slowly".
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