Why Agents of Shield sucks

Why Agents of Shield sucks

If you don't like this show, you are going to like reading this.

Excuse me if i have grammar or spelling mistakes, i don’t live in an English-Speaking country.

First, i want to say that i don’t like complaining about the bad things of cbm movies. For example a few things in TASM or the destruction in Man of Steel. Because i don’t feel that those things are that important to make me not enjoy the movie. I don’t want to live sad thinking that these movies are not perfect. They are made to entretain us and they certainly do. I don’t like thinking about the wrong things of movies that are cool. But this time it’s an exception because i don’t like this show at all and i personally think it sucks. If you like it, it’s okay, i respect it, but respect my opinion aswell.

Some people say that it sucks because they don’t have superpowers, but we don’t need superpowers, this is supposed to be a show about non-superpowered characters. The main problem of this show is that there are to many characters that are not field agents. There are six members and only three are field agents (if you count Coulson). So you have two scientists and one hacker. What is Skye going to do against an enemy? “I’m gonna hack you!” I am not saying that they shouldn’t be on the show but they should be secondary characters of the team.

When they have to go on a mission, they can only call Ward, Melinda-May and Coulson. They are making the whole concept of shield wrong. They are the most powerful organization in the world and you can only provide the team with those two people and Coulson for the field? And i am not even talking about the comics, in the MCU itself it is shown how powerful they are. They don’t look like shield agents, they look like “Guys in suits with guns”. Hell, half of the team does not even hold a gun so it’s not even that. They don’t look like shield at all. They are doing the whole concept incorrect. It’s like: “Random people in the MCU”. That’s what it is, and i don’t like it. Plus, if you are dealing with something as important as Extremis and supersoldiers, don’t you think more people should be on the case? You are shield! You can call lots and lots of backup! This just really itches me.

Skye: So they find this girl on the street, they see that she is a very good hacker and then suddenly she is hired. She is now a shield agent. Just like that. Anybody can be a shield agent. And she always is in the field no matter what. That’s because they only have three field agents and if the rest are not in the field then they wouldn’t appear that much but in real life it doesn’t make any sense. That annoys me a lot. Marvel, if you want the main characters to be in the scene of the action, give us some more field agents. I remember some episodes where they gave us the excuse that she had to be in the action scene because she needed to be close to the enemy to hack something. But you are telling me that she is so good at hacking that you found her on the street, even if she was totally unknown and random to you but you still hired her because of her good talent. So if she is that good at it, why the hell does she has to be close to the enemy? Isn’t she supposed to be the best of the best? Do you think those guys at the computers from the helicarrier need to be close to the enemy?

Then Skye wants to be a field agent. And how does she plan on doing that? Training hitting a boxing sac (Awfully, actually). First of all, a computer agent does not turn into a field agent that easy, probably in real life the FBI/CIA won’t let them. Secondly, do you think the Black Widow became a badass hitting a boxing sac on her own? She had to train a lot. Like Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. It’s very ridiculous. That thing was taken out of a cartoon show, i think. There are so many things that are not realistic. Like for example: Shield (yes, you heared right, SHIELD) finds this girl that’s really good at computers. And apparently she is the best of the best, never seen before. Because you know, in real life, if you want to work with the FBI/CIA with computers you have to start very young, as a 9 year old, because that’s how you stand out and you get hired. So instead of giving her the most difficult objectives that no hacker can do, they get her on a plane where she can work from time to time, only when there’s a threat and the rest of the time she can rest and do whatever she wants.

Agent Ward: Nobody cares about him. His lines are very boring and he has the most cliché backstory ever. “I couldn’t save my brother” or something like that. He is not interesting. Most of the cases, the problem is not the actor, because poor guy, you know? It’s not his fault. The thing is, the script is very bad and they don’t make the characters interesting. It’s so forced, it’s like when you are doing this story for school and then you realize you want to keep writing and you want to make the characters interesting but really it’s shit.

Melinda May: Suposely she is the mysterious character of the show. Like the one with a mysterious backstory that nobody knows about. The kind of character that’s the reason you would die to see the next episode. She is an OK character, and i don’t know about you but i find her a little boring and certainly not badass.

And don’t even get me started on the non-comicbook characters. Nobody cares about the villains that this show is giving us. They are giving us extremis and i am okay with it, but we need something else than that. I am waiting for Graviton but i don’t expect much from him. I guess he will not even wear a costume. He will some gear, he will have some beard and there will be some seconds of fight. Like Doomsday vs Clark in Smallville. I expect something like that.

Thank you for reading, i am BaronZemo.
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