DAREDEVIL: New Details On 'The Owl', 'Gladiator', And 'Kingpin''s Suit Of Armor?

DAREDEVIL: New Details On 'The Owl', 'Gladiator', And 'Kingpin''s Suit Of Armor?

A set report from Brazilian website Omelete provides some intriguing new details on Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil series. Apparently comic book villain the Gladiator and some other mystery Marvel characters will be joining Kingpin in his battle against the Man Without Fear...

Brazilian website Omelete have posted some very interesting details from their visit to the set of Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil series back in October of last year. Even with Google translate it's difficult to piece together, but with the help of MCU Exchange we've managed to make some sense of it.

Probably the biggest reveal in the report is that the character of Melvin Potter, aka The Gladiator, will play a "large role" in the series. This was one of Matt Murdock's very first enemies in the comics, but actually reformed and became an ally later on. Near as we can tell he'll be Wilson Fisk's weapons guy on the show, and will not only provide the Kingpin of Crime with some kitted out armoured cars, but also some type of kevlar suit. The scene described also reveals that Leland Owsley/The Owl (Bob Gunton) will be Fisk's financial advisor in the show, and that "other characters in the Marvel Universe" will be present.

Additionally, the site spoke to Costume Designer Stephanie Maslanski, who commented on the Kingpin character. "Both Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk want to turn Hell's Kitchen in a better place to live", she revealed; confirming what we've heard about the villain having some good qualities. "Fisk is a guy who has a heart and a past. It is a deep and multi-layered character. He is far from be a grotesque and exaggerated character. We leave that to other programs that are on TV." Here are some more tidbits from the report.

- Matt Murdock lives on the top floor of an 8 story building.
- Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple (Night Nurse) works at Metro General Hospital.
- The series is aiming for a somewhat realistic tone, akin to The Wire or even Arrow.
- Matt's abilities are incredible but still very much grounded in reality.
- Atlas Investments is a company near the Nelson & Murdock Law office, an easter egg to the Pre-Marvel day of Atlas Comics.

Thoughts? Daredevil premières on Netflix on April 10, 2015.
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