DAREDEVIL Star Charlie Cox Hopes To Rejoin The MCU, Would Love To Team-Up With Spider-Man

DAREDEVIL Star Charlie Cox Hopes To Rejoin The MCU, Would Love To Team-Up With Spider-Man

DAREDEVIL Star Charlie Cox Hopes To Rejoin The MCU, Would Love To Team-Up With Spider-Man

As fallout from Netflix canceling their Marvel shows continues, Charlie Cox remains hopeful that he will be able to return to the MCU and continue playing Daredevil, perhaps teaming up with Spider-Man...

As the fallout from Netflix cancelling its Marvel properties continues, perhaps no one is more disappointed about the cancellation of Daredevil than series lead Charlie Cox. Recently he revealed he had been very excited for Season 4, which was completely mapped out and would have explored the Bullseye-Daredevil relationship.

Speaking with The Playlist, Cox once again shared that he is still very saddened by the show's cancellation, saying he thought it would be renewed for at least one more season after the response to Season 3. However, Cox did see a positive in all the disappointment: "It's great that we got to finish on the high with the season so well-reviewed and well-received.

While his time as Matt Murdock on Netflix has seemingly come to an end, Cox did express his desire to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future on Disney+ or another platform, saying "I would love to get to continue playing that character.

It’s such a dream job for me, it’s been such a wonderful experience, that any scenario where I get to continue playing the character, whether it be on a different series, or whether it be in the movies, would be fantastic. I can only hope. It’s almost like I can’t think about it because I don’t wanna get my hopes up.

If Cox is able to suit up as Daredevil again, there is one character in particular that he still would love to interact with in the MCU: Spider-Man. Cox echoed the sentiments of Vincent D'Onofrio in wanting to explore the comic history involving Peter Parker. 

In the comic books, there are some fantastic Spider-Man/Daredevil storylines. The bottom line is I just absolutely love the show. I love playing the character. It’s still a bit weird to me that I’m not playing the character anymore. It’s kind of impossible for me to really imagine that [a Spider-Man/Daredevil team-up] because it’s been such a long period of my life.

Finally, Cox was asked about the online petition #SaveDaredevil, which is now close to 213,000 signatures. Cox has been telling fans to show their support for the show and sign this petition, and revealed that he himself has signed it but in a very humorous manner.

I wasn’t sure about adding my email because I’m not very technically savvy, and I didn’t want to suddenly put my email online; I don’t know if it was visible or not. But what I did do is I made a fake email for my two-year-old daughter, and she signed it [laughter].

Would you be excited to see Charlie Cox don his Daredevil suit again, perhaps even sharing the screen with Tom Holland's Spider-Man? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

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