POLL: What Do You Think Of DAREDEVIL's Red Suit From The Marvel/Netflix Series?

POLL: What Do You Think Of DAREDEVIL's Red Suit From The Marvel/Netflix Series?

After an unexpected leak, Marvel were forced to officially reveal the red suit Matt Murdock will wear in the highly anticipated series. We've seen that still and the series will start streaming in a matter of hours, so hit the jump to weigh in with your thoughts on this take on the iconic suit...

We've known for a while that the red suit would show up in Daredevil, but no one involved with the series was willing to reveal when exactly that would be. However, a leaked image from Netflix found its way online last night and spoiled the surprise, leaving Marvel with no other choice than to officially reveal it in the motion poster you can see below. It's a shame, but was inevitable really!

A better look at the suit should find its way online shortly after the series starts streaming (you just know that someone will jump to the final few episodes to take some spoilery screengrabs), but for now, what do you think about this take on the classic red suit? It's not 100% comic book faithful at first glance, but it does borrow an awful lot from the armoured costume Matt wore at one point. 

Does this take on the suit do the Man Without Fear justice? Should Marvel have stuck closer to the comic books? And could this costume stand proudly alongside Captain America and the rest of those heroes in Civil War or Avengers: Age of Ultron? Here's your chance to let us know...

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