THE PUNISHER Teaser Trailer Debuts At SDCC As IRON FIST And DAREDEVIL Get New Season Renewals

THE PUNISHER Teaser Trailer Debuts At SDCC As IRON FIST And DAREDEVIL Get New Season Renewals

Though it hasn't been released online, we have a description of the first trailer for Marvel and Netflix's The Punisher right here. Plus, both Iron Fist and Daredevil have been renewed for new seasons...

Those in attendance at SDCC are currently watching the first episode of The Defenders, so while we await those initial reactions - and hopefully a new trailer - you can check out a description of the first teaser for Marvel and Netflix's The Punisher courtesy of Mashable:

"The clip opened with a shot of Frank Castle in happier times, teaching his young daughter to play guitar. In the present, he's strumming the guitar all alone and looking very, very sad about it. Cut to some of Frank's recent adventures: running down bikers in rural Alabama, taking out drug cartels via sniper rifle in Juárez, strangling a man to death in an airport bathroom in New York City.

The last of those men pleads for his life in his final moments. "Please, you've killed everyone. The bikers, the cartels, the Cajuns, the Irish, they're all gone," he cries. "What's it going to change if I'm dead?" Frank looks at him impassively. "Nothing."

Once he's choked the man out, Frank struts out of the bathroom in a black hoodie and leather duster over his Punisher-logo vest. It's a hero shot, but a grim, dark one. Let's just say that fans worried that The Punisher might sand off Frank's rough edges can probably relax."

Sounds pretty damn awesome we're sure you'll agree. This teaser probably won't be released online for a while (if at all), but hopefully we get some kind of official poster or promo image before SDCC wraps up.

We do have some good news for fans of the previous Netflix show, however, as Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb has officially confirmed that Daredevil season 3 and Iron Fist season 2 are being developed. Plus, it seems the latter will see Misty Knight teaming up with Colleen Wing to form the Daughters of The Dragon.
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