UPDATE: Possible 'Elektra' Audition Tapes For DAREDEVIL Season Two Find Their Way Online

<font color=red>UPDATE:</font> Possible 'Elektra' Audition Tapes For DAREDEVIL Season Two Find Their Way Online

Some audition tapes for season two of Daredevil have surfaced, and it appears as if they're for fan-favourite character Elektra. They're looking for actresses with martial arts and dance experience, and the two featured here both have very exotic looks. Check them out!

Thanks to a heads up from @Marvel_Spider, we have what might just be audition tapes for the role of Elektra in season two of Daredevil. Actually, it seems pretty obvious that they are for the character due to the fact that the conversations featured seem to take place between Elektra and a possible victim, and then between her and Matt in college. These probably won't make it into the show of course, but might give us an idea of what to expect from Marvel's take on the assassin. 

These tapes also offer up an idea of the kind of actresses Marvel and Netflix might be looking for, as both women are very exotic looking (Foggy did after all describe her as being Greek during season one). Are you guys looking forward to seeing Elektra enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe? 

UPDATE: Well, that didn't take long! As you can see, the videos have now been removed, adding some weight to the speculation that they were meant for the role of Elektra...stay tuned!

Shiva-Daredevil-Elise from Shiva Kalaiselvan on Vimeo.

Louisa Mignone Daredevil 2 from Sean James Murphy on Vimeo.

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