HAWKEYE Will Reportedly Feature Appearances From Both Trickshot And The Tracksuit Mafia

HAWKEYE Will Reportedly Feature Appearances From Both Trickshot And The Tracksuit Mafia

It was recently claimed that Hawkeye has been delayed by Marvel Studios, but we now have a more positive update as a new rumour claims that both Trickshot and the Tracksuit Mafia will appear in the show...

Despite claims that Hawkeye has been delayed, work on Marvel's Disney+ TV series continues and it's still expected to come our way in 2021. Now, MCU Cosmic is reporting that there are plans for the show to introduce Clint Barton's brother, Barney. Better known to comic book fans as Trickshot, his relationship with Clint is a complex one and he ultimately becomes a villainous rival archer. 

Exploring that dynamic makes a lot of sense for this solo series, and given Trickshot's involvement with the Dark Avengers, this could be yet another addition to the MCU's rumoured Thunderbolts. 

The site also claims that the Tracksuit Mafia/Tracksuit Draculas will appear, something which also makes sense considering the fact that Matt Fraction's Hawkeye run is clearly serving as inspiration for the show. They're a group of gangsters who refer to each other and everyone else as "Bro."
Throw in the fact that Kate Bishop and Pizza Dog will also play a key role in the proceedings, and there's going to be a lot that makes comic book fans happy. Unfortunately, with production not slated to begin until later this year, chances are it will be a while before we see anything from this one.

What are your thoughts on this Hawkeye news, bro?

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