First Full INHUMANS Review Advises Not Watching It On IMAX Screens Or When It Reaches TV

First Full INHUMANS Review Advises Not Watching It On IMAX Screens Or When It Reaches TV

First Full INHUMANS Review Advises Not Watching It On IMAX Screens Or When It Reaches TV

The first full review for Inhumans is finally here and it finds nothing good to say about the ABC/IMAX series which they say "is a disappointment on every level." Hit the jump for further details...

A few weeks ago, an early review for Marvel's Inhumans tore the first two episodes apart. Since then, the negativity which had already been surrounding the series (thanks to those terrible trailers) got even worse and now things aren't looking good for the show heading into its debut on IMAX screens.

IGN has now shared a full review for Inhumans and it paints a bad picture for what may be to come as more verdicts are shared over the next 24 hours. Marvel has waited right until the last minute to lift the embargo but ticket sales don't seem to be strong and bad buzz could kill its premiere on ABC.

When an Inhumans movie was first announced, it was compared to Game of Thrones but this show is anything but and it sounds like the costumes and sets are even worse than those in the trailers.

This might sound like the MCU’s version of Game of Thrones, and it certainly had the potential to be with its superhero monarchy and plays for power, but the show is a disappointment on every level. The costumes and makeup look like a group of friends decided to do Inhumans cosplay the day before Comic-Con. The royal palace, a main setting, looks like a warehouse on the outside and is full of bland, forgettable spaces on the inside. The clunky dialogue sounds like a first draft, not the sharp material you’d expect from the MCU. 

It also doesn't sound like seeing it on those IMAX screens will be particularly good fun either. 
Unfortunately, launching Inhumans as an IMAX movie does more harm than good. The story simply doesn’t have the scope, scale, or polish to make use of such a bold format, and it shows. Even though the IMAX version is supposed to be presented as a movie, it still includes episode recap flashbacks halfway through, making me wonder if the editor didn’t get the memo.

If you were hoping Iwan Rheon could save the day here, that too sounds like a disappointment.
Iwan Rheon’s Maximus is Diet Loki, the jealous, scheming brother of King Black Bolt, but he's given such insidious dialogue and direction that his motivations are immediately obvious. (Also, there’s one scene in particular where it seems no one on set pointed out that Rheon’s accent was coming through.) The few action scenes we find the characters in are filled with unimpressive visual effects and tepid choreography. Not even Lockjaw, the obscenely cute, giant, teleporting dog is enough to make you want to sit through another episode.

So, what's their final verdict? 4/10 and a pretty scathing take on why you shouldn't watch it.
Inhumans is bad from top to bottom. Try as it might, the show does not live up to the Marvel brand. It is most definitely not worth seeing in IMAX, and I wouldn’t recommend catching it on TV either.

Doesn't sound good, eh? We'll be sure to bring you more reviews as we get them as it will be interesting to see if this is how everyone feels. What do you guys think? Sound off below.
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