Marvel's INHUMANS Has Had A (Relatively) Impressive Opening Weekend Worldwide

Marvel's INHUMANS Has Had A (Relatively) Impressive Opening Weekend Worldwide

It appears as if the embattled new series from Marvel and ABC may have some life in it after all, as the first weekend of Inhumans' run has produced some interesting numbers. More details after the jump...

While being panned by critics and fans alike, it seems Marvel's latest ABC venture has produced some interesting results.

Per Box Office Mojo, in its first weekend the two-hour premiere netted 1.5 million domestically, as well as an additional 1.1 million internationally, with a cumulative total of $2.6 million dollars worldwide. While in comparison to actual, full-blown Marvel films it is certainly a pittance, but relative to other IMAX releases it's no slouch. IMAX's week-long finale for the fourth season of Game of Thrones, which aired in IMAX theaters, netted $1.5 million throughout its entire run.

Combine that with the fact that IMAX funded the first two episodes, leaving ABC to pay for the remaining six, it seems that unless Inhumans has incredibly low ratings it may scrape by to a second season, even with the negative reception.

If that were the case, what would you like to see in a second season? If Scott Buck's previous venture on Iron Fist is any indicator, any new seasons would likely be helmed by a new showrunner. If so, who would you prefer to see take the helm? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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