Vin Diesel Teases A MARVEL Role That Doesn't Require His Voice; Is It BLACK BOLT?

Vin Diesel Teases A MARVEL Role That Doesn't Require His Voice; Is It BLACK BOLT?

Over the years, Vin Diesel has teased a few different Marvel roles before finally choosing to breathe life into Groot in 2014's Guardians Of The Galaxy. At NYCC '15, Diesel was back at it teasing a potential Marvel role that requires his presence, but not his voice. Check it out!

Ever since the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel has been teasing an unique role in an unnamed MCU film. However, after voicing Groot in James Gunn's critically acclaimed Guardians Of The Galaxy, many assumed that the fan-favorite hero was the character he had been referring to long before he was cast in Marvel's space adventure.

As it turns out, Diesel may have just been scratching the surface with Groot. In an interview with io9, while promoting Lionsgate's The Last Witch Hunter, Diesel let it slip that he'd be open to playing another character for Marvel Studios, even venturing out far enough to say that he had already discussed possibly starring as a very unique character that wouldn't necessarily require his voice. Read his comments below:

"I can totally be something [else] with Marvel,” the actor told io9. “I think playing that role only makes Marvel that much more excited and me having my experience with Marvel, seeing how great they were, makes me more excited.

We’ve heard a lot of talk about Marvel wanting to have me play a character that doesn’t have my voice. So my voice is used for Groot and my presence is used for the other character."

Doesn't have his voice? What Marvel hero would require Diesel's immense presence, but not his iconic voice? Black Bolt, perhaps? The powerful Inhuman is known for his ability to unleash great destructive power through the use of his voice, but since even the slightest whisper can release his power, he chooses to remain silent for the most part. Based on the vague description given by Diesel, Blackagar Boltagon seems like the only logical choice, although there's always a chance he's referring to someone else.

With rumors circulating that Marvel's Inhumans, which has a 2019 release date attached, had been cancelled and then not-cancelled, it's a little tough to say whether we'll ever actually get to see him to suit up as Black Bolt, but it's certainly an interesting prospect. Also, considering Marvel has a history of postponing other potentially "risky" properties like Ant-Man, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel, just to name a few, it's not necessarily out of the realm of possibility that their Inhumans does eventually get postponed to one of their three 2020 dates or even later.

For right now, Diesel has a full docket ahead of him with The Last Witch Hunter releasing later this month and then the Ang Lee-directed Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk arriving in fall 2016. After that he'll return to a trio of his most popular roles: Xander Cage in a xXx sequel with D.J. Caruso (Disturbia) directing, Dominic Toretto in the eighth Fast & Furious installment with F. Gary Gray (Straight Outta Compton) directing, and Groot in the James Gunn-directed Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2.

So, what do you guys think of Diesel as Black Bolt? Or do you think he's referring to another character? Sound off with your thoughts below!

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