Did You Spot The IRON FIST Easter Eggs In DAREDEVIL?

Did You Spot The IRON FIST Easter Eggs In DAREDEVIL?

There were several signs pointing to the forthcoming Iron Fist series in Marvel's Daredevil collaboration with Netflix. Did you spot them all? Spoiler Warning just in case you haven't watched the show yet.

In Marvel's Daredevil series, there were four, major  organized crime syndicates operating in NYC - the yakuza, the triad, the Russians and the Kingpin's (Vincent D'Onofrio) group.  While the Russians and Kingpin's crew are more traditional elements of organized crime, the yakuza and triad only appeared to be.  Daredevil definitely left the door open to explore more of the latter two and their more mystical roots in  a second season or....in Iron Fist.

Stick looks to be reporting to Stone, a member of The Chaste.  In the comics, Stone is actually Stick's pupil. 

Naturally, the mystic element to Daredevil truly arrives in episode 7, "Stick".  In Marvel Comics, Stick is a member of The Chaste, an offshoot of The Hand.  The spilt between The Chaste and The Hand occurs in feudal era Japan when The Hand veers away from samurai philosophy and transforms into a ninja cult.  Those who kept to the traditional, samurai ideology became The Chaste.  As hinted at by Stick (Scott Glenn) in episode 7, each member of The Chaste possesses supernatural ability.  It appears that Stick was just about to teach young Matt Murdock (Skylar Gaertner) these abilities when his sentimental gift caused Stick to abandon Matt as he feared he was too soft for what sounds like an impending showdown with The Hand.  The leader of The Chaste is Master Izo, an immortal martial artist and original member of The Hand who is also mentioned in The Book of The Iron Fist - a sacred tome that contains every martial arts move ever conceived.  In addition, the mystical abilities Stick hinted at just before abandoning young Matt sounds a lot like the Chi-based abilities many of the residents of K'un-Lun posses.  Don't be surprised if Marvel's Iron Fist series attempts to combine the mythology of The Hand and the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven. In the comics, the conflict between The Hand and The Chaste is generally something that is separate from the activities of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, the two martial arts linchpins of Marvel have intersected with one another before and led to team-ups between Iron First and Daredevil.

That's definitely the symbol for Iron Fist villain Steel Serpent.

The next hint comes in the form of Madame Gao (Wai Ching Ho) and the heroin she manufactures in Hell's Kitchen.  According to Ben Ulrich (Vondie Curtis-Hall) the drug is known on the street as the Still Serpent.  This is definitely an allusion to "Steel Serpent" an Iron Fist villain with ties to K'un Lun. This symbol on the drug packet is also a dead on match to the symbol on the Steel Serpent's chest.  There's also Gao's cryptic hint that her home is "a considerable distance" farther than China.  Many fans are speculating that Gao is really Crane Mother  , the ruler of a different Capital City of Heaven and adversary of Iron First.  There's definitely more to Gao than meets the eye, given that she dismantled Daredevil with one palm-thrust.

Is Madame Gao really Crane Mother?

If I missed any, please let me know in the comments and I'll update the article.
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