Could David Tennant's 'Kilgrave' Return For JESSICA JONES Season 2?

Could David Tennant's 'Kilgrave' Return For JESSICA JONES Season 2?

Former Doctor Who David Tennant's complex villain, Kilgrave, was easily one of the highlights of the first season of Marvel and Netflix's Jessica Jones, but could we see him return for the recently confirmed season 2? Massive Season 1 SPOILERS ahead...

Again, if you still haven't seen the finale of Jessica Jones, major SPOILERS beyond this point.

So in the closing moments of the last episode, Jessica manages to trick Kilgrave into believing he has control over her again, lures him in, and snaps his neck. It's a pretty unambiguous end for the villain, who is clearly shown laying on the ground, dead as a dodo. But this being Marvel and Kilgrave being a super-powered character who has cheated death once before... you just never know!

During the TCA press tour, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg was asked if there was any chance Tennant would reprise the role for season 2, and without confirming or denying, she did seem to suggest there was at least a possibility. "I mean, if you have David Tennant you want him around forever," she admitted. "He's such an extraordinary actor and one of the loveliest people you'd ever want to work with. But the show is called Jessica Jones, and it's about Jessica's arc."

Of course, Jessica suffers from PTSD and has had to deal with hallucinations involving Kilgrave all thorough season 1, which may not cease just because he's dead - so in theory Tennant could return for a cameo without the character being resurrected.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Kilgrave brought back to exact his revenge, or do you think it's time for a new bad guy to get the spotlight? Jessica Jones will most likely return for its sophomore season sometime next year.
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