JESSICA JONES Season 2 Character Breakdowns May Hint At Some Very Interesting New Recruits

JESSICA JONES Season 2 Character Breakdowns May Hint At Some Very Interesting New Recruits

We have a list of descriptions for four of the new characters fans will be introduced to in the second season of Marvel and Netflix's Jessica Jones, and there may just be a few big surprises...

That Hashtag Show (via MCU Exchange) is back with another batch of character breakdowns, this time for the upcoming second season of Marvel and Netflix's Jessica Jones.

Though their true identities are concealed behind codenames, based on the fact that these casting calls usually use the real first letter of the character's name, the guys over at That Hashtag Show have made a few educated guesses.

First, here are the coded descriptions:

[DR. KIRBY] 60s, male, open ethnicity, scientist & freethinker SERIES REGULAR – ONE YEAR DEAL

[PRESLEY] Late 30s, Male, African American, intelligent, driven, self-assured FRACTIONAL SERIES REGULAR

[OLIVER] 34-38, male, Latino, artistic, paternal, smart, scruffy and hip SERIES REGULAR

[INGRID] Early-mid 30s, 5’8 – 5’11, female, dark hair, attractive and edgy, has a history of living on the streets. Educated as a nurse, but street-wise. She is attracted to men and women…SERIES REGULAR

Okay, so speculation points to Kirby being the villainous Dr. Karl Malus, who may be responsible for developing the serum that gave Nuke (and possible Jessica, too) superpowers. Then there's Presley, who could wind up being womanizing mercenary Paladin/Paul Denning.

Because of his ties to Misty Knight and Colleen Wing in the comics, there's a chance (albeit a small one) that Oliver is actually Otis Johnson, and they reckon Ingrid could be either Ian Soo - a bisexual character that was recently introduced in the pages of Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!, or, Daredevil baddie Typhoid Mary.

That last one definitely sounds more like wishful thinking, but hey, you never know!

What do you guys think? Do you have your own ideas based on this info? Sound off below.

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