JESSICA JONES Season 3 Spoilers: CAPTAIN MARVEL And Comic-Accurate Hellcat Easter Eggs Revealed

JESSICA JONES Season 3 <font color=red>Spoilers:</font> CAPTAIN MARVEL And Comic-Accurate Hellcat Easter Eggs Revealed

Season 3 of Marvel's Jessica Jones is now available to binge on Netflix, and we have a couple of sceengrabs featuring Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) sporting very familiar-looking costumes. Take a look...

Trish Walker's journey to becoming a full-fledged costumed vigilante eventually takes a very dark turn in Jessica Jones season 3, but there is a lighter moment early on which makes room for a couple of fun Marvel Comics Easter Eggs.

Once "Patsy" realizes that she's far too famous to fight crime without hiding her identity, she decides to suit-up and tries on a few different outfits in the Halloween store.

Among the costumes she considers are a bargain-basement version of Captain Marvel's suit, and a faithful take on her comic book counterpart's yellow Hellcat ensemble complete with cat-like domino mask.

Of course, she ultimately settles on something far less flamboyant and decides a beanie hat and face-scarf will do the trick, but at least we did get to see how Trish would have looked in a comic-accurate Hellcat costume.

Tell us, have you watched Jessica Jones season 3 yet? If so, what did you think?
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