LOKI: The God Of Mischief Could End Up Clashing With Marvel's Minutemen In The Disney+ TV Series

LOKI: The God Of Mischief Could End Up Clashing With Marvel's Minutemen In The Disney+ TV Series

The plot has thickened when it comes to the God of Mischief's upcoming TV series on Disney+, as a new rumour points to Loki having to deal with the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Minutemen. Check it out...

Loki isn't currently shooting thanks to COVID-19, and the hope is that work will be able to resume soon so it can meet that planned Spring 2021 premiere. Now, a new rumour has started doing the rounds which claims that some stunt-performers on the series are going to be playing the Minutemen.

Now, your mind has probably jumped straight to the world of Watchmen, but that's not what we're referring to here! 

Instead, this little-known group of characters - created by Walt Simonson in the pages of Fantastic Four - serve as a police force for the timestream and work alongside the Time Variance Authority. Both our first look at Loki and some recent set photos have confirmed that the God of Mischief will end up working alongside that group, so the Minutemen are more than likely their backup.

Stunt performers and actors Chris Brewster and Isabelle Fretheim are both credited as Minutemen in the series right now, and they've previously appeared in everything from Black Panther to Daredevil. It's possible that we've already seen them in action as they could even be part of the TVA here. 

Recently, Richard E. Grant was added to the cast of Loki, but there's no word on who he's playing. Previously, there was speculation that Owen Wilson might be playing Kang the Conqueror, but we've since learned otherwise, and so Grant does seem like a pretty likely fit for that iconic Marvel bad guy.

What are your thoughts on these latest Loki details?

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