Is A Luke Cage Movie Even Closer To Reality?

Is A <i>Luke Cage</i> Movie Even Closer To Reality?

An unrevealed Hollywood star reportedly has his sights set on playing the Hero for Hire...

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According to an article over on IGN, The Los Angeles Times reports the following:

"...there's more talk underway about putting the urban hero into his own film and that a notable Hollywood star is now having (very) preliminary talks with Marvel Studios about the property and its potential."

Luke Cage earned his steel-hard skin thanks to a stint in prison. In exchange for early parole, he volunteered to undergo biological experiments which subsequently gave him superior strength and impenetrable skin, powers he used to break out of prison and embark on a career as a "hero for hire." He is now a member of the New Avengers and will be leading the Thunderbolts in Marvel's upcoming "Heroic Age"!

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The last actor who was said to be in the running to play Power Man was Tyrese Gibson...who do you think could be the star eyeing up the role this time?
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