Isaiah Mustafa Does "Luke Cage" Photo Shoot Further Promoting Becoming The Guy For Hire

Isaiah Mustafa Does "Luke Cage" Photo Shoot Further Promoting Becoming The Guy For Hire

The man branded as the Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa, has went to the extent of playing along with a photo shoot with the likes of Marvel's Luke Cage in mind. Check it Out!

Knowing that it's in Marvel Studios' intention to someday adapt the Power Man, Luke Cage, to the silver-screen, Isaiah Mustafa, particularly known for witty Old Spice commercials, has expressed interest in being the man for hire. And aside from doing just that on G4TV last month, hes been holding Facebook Promotion, in which 30 more people need to sign up to that page before we get a certain "surprise". Now Mustafa has played along with a photo shoot with "Luke Cage" in mind, for Ryan Flynn Photography. Check the out photos below, and behind the scenes of the shoot even lower.

With Luke Cage, the Power Man, being superhumanly strong, able to lift/press approximately 25 tons and punch through barriers as thick as four-inch steel plate, Mustufa does have "the look" don't you think?

Be sure to sign up on the actor's Facebook to see what this certain surprise.

DCMF - Since "the look" isn't everything, I'll have to wait to see the actor's acting ability in Tyler Perry's latest "Madea" adaption, inwhich Isaiah portrays the lead. But with Marvel mainly focusing on live-action films for Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, I'm glad someone is giving the Power Man some juice in the media. Though R&B artist Tyrese Gibson, has been connected to the role ever since Marvel announced that a film would actually be made, do you think Isaiah Mustafa would be a better choice?
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