LUKE CAGE Actor Mike Colter Wants Barack Obama To Cameo As A Villain In Season 3

LUKE CAGE Actor Mike Colter Wants Barack Obama To Cameo As A Villain In Season 3

As a pillar of African-American representation on television, LUKE CAGE actor Mike Colter wants to take it a step further, inviting former POTUS Barack Obama to cameo in the Marvel Netflix series.

Overall, fans seem to agree that Luke Cage season 2 is a clear Improvement over its freshman debut. The season upped the tension, character development, production design, choreography, and story, ultimately offering a more-than-worthy second outing for Harlem's hero.

The show has also delivered many memorable cameos during its years on air, including individuals within the universe (Foggy Nelson, Danny Rand), and real-life celebrities (Method Man, Jidenna). On an interview with TMZ, actor and professional dabber Mike Colter invited the most influential guest yet on the Netflix original, former President of the United States: Barack Hussein Obama.

But what is most shocking is the capacity that Colter is asking him to fill.

[Obama] could cameo in anything he wants to. He has an open door for anywhere he wants to go . . . We shoot in Harlem. We got a lot of good places to eat. He can come and do a cameo and we can have a bite to eat . . . He’s been a hero a long time, maybe he can be a villain this time . . . I leave that up to [showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker.]


Unfortunately, to achieve continuity, the politician will have to play himself, for he has been mentioned several times throughout the show as a influential part of the African-American community. Though he may not have been president in the MCU due to the Ellis Administration (shown in Iron Man 3), it would still be amazing to see the politician make an appearance on the show. In fact, the Obamas have recently signed an exclusive deal with Netflix to deliver original content, so maybe this cameo is more possible than previously thought.




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