LUKE CAGE Season 2 Stills Pit Power Man And Misty Knight Against Some Unlucky Thugs

LUKE CAGE Season 2 Stills Pit Power Man And Misty Knight Against Some Unlucky Thugs

This latest batch of Luke Cage stills put the spotlight on Power Man as he heads into action alongside Misty Knight and her new arm! We also get a fresh look at the villains so check them out here...

The latest issue of Empire Magazine features a new batch of hi-res images from the upcoming second season of Luke Cage and these definitely shed a little more light on what we should expect from the series. After all, plot details have mostly been kept under wraps and all we really know is that this second batch of episodes will revolve around Power Man's battle with new enemy Bushmaster.

He once again gets the spotlight here alongside a number of other characters, including Misty Knight, Mariah Dillard, and Shades. It also looks like the show will be upping the ante in terms of action.

The first season of Luke Cage was great until Diamondback showed up but those behind the series recently indicated that they've learned from that, so here's hoping we see some improvement in season two. To check out this full gallery of images, simply click on either one of the buttons below. 

Power Man shows off his impressive powers here as he tears a car door off its hinges. Of course, it's worth noting that his comic book counterpart is a lot stronger and would likely pick up the whole car.

Misty Knight is clearly taking her new cybernetic arm for a test run in this shot as she takes down some poor thug with a nasty looking blow to the gut. The other is in the air thanks to Luke, though!

Bushmaster watches on here as Luke deals with some of his followers. Is he testing his foe or hoping they'll be able to take him down? It's hard to say but both possibilities seem highly likely. 

Shades is no Cottonmouth but he was something of a master manipulator in the first season of Luke Cage and it looks like he'll continue attempting to make Harlem his own based on this image.

Mariah Dillard proved to be truly despicable back in 2016 and while she very much still has her sights set on controlling Harlem, it looks like she'll have some competition from Bushmaster now.

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