Michael Jai White Would Be Interested In Playing Luke Cage If The Script Was Good Enough

Michael Jai White Would Be Interested In Playing <i>Luke Cage</i> If The Script Was Good Enough

Jai White has long been a fan favorite to play the role and while speaking to CBR the talented actor/martial artist expresses interest, provided the movie had a good enough script...

Michael Jai White is no stranger to comic books and comic book movies. He played the title role of Spawn in the forgettable movie version and had a brief cameo as Gambol in The Dark Knight. The actor has also expressed interest in directing and acting in a Black Panther movie for Marvel. But the one character than most fans think White would be perfect for is Power Man himself; Luke Cage. In the following interview with CBR White responds to the question: "Are you aware that you are Luke Cage and Marvel just doesn't know it yet"..

He says he is aware of the fan demand for him to play the role and would be interested as long as it was done right and didn't "suck". He then goes on to discuss Black Dynamite , Spawn and working with Todd McFarlane.

Of course we have all heard of Marvel's plans for a Luke Cage movie but now that we know that character will be appearing in the AKA Jessica Jones Tv series what does that mean for those plans? Is it possible White could play Cage on the small screen instead? Do you guys still think he is a good fit for the role at all? Sound off below.

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