Screenwriter Ben Ramsey Talks Any Further Luke Cage Involvement!

Screenwriter Ben Ramsey Talks Any Further Luke Cage Involvement!

Screenwriter Ben Ramsey Talks Any Further <i>Luke Cage</i> Involvement!

The screenwriter for Marvel Studios' long-productive adaption of Luke Cage, speaks briefly on any involvement after all these years + snagging who he'd snag for the role! Check it out!

While Marvel Studios are hard at work in adapting Thor, Captain America, and an eventual Avengers flick, there are several heroes, who though have been in production for years, have yet to make it to the big-screen.

With Ant-Man, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange among others, I'm most anticipating Power Man, better known as Luke Cage. With Shaft director John Singleton attached since 2004, and Transformers' Tyrese Gibson signed on in '05, screenwriter Ben Ramsey has been involved since 2003. And in a recent interview with Scott's Section, Ramsey offers any current involvement.

You're listed as one of the writers of the upcoming Luke Cage movie. Can you tell us a bit about that, or is that still under wraps at this point?
"I can't tell you much about it, because I don't know anything about it (laughs). I wrote that thing over six years ago. It heated up for a minute. John Singleton was always attached to it. I came in and did a draft. Everybody liked it. Marvel liked it. Columbia pictures liked it. John liked it. So me and John worked on it for a while and got another draft going. Then all of a sudden it just went into development hell. So where it stands now I have no idea. I haven't been involved with the project. Nobody's called me on it. I hear it's back with Marvel now. They have all the rights."

Marvel needs to get you & [Micheal Jai White]. Hes born for roles like that.
"Luke Cage and Micheal Jai White. How much sense does that make? Not to put anything against Tyrese. Tyrese is a great actor too. Mike already looks like a superhero."

While Ben Ramsey directed Micheal Jai White in Blood and Bone, just by looking at the trailer and past films, Micheal fits 'Luke Cage' perfectly. Though I'd take Tyrese Gibson, if White pursues Black Panther, revealing interest earlier today.
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