SDCC '11: Idris Elba Campaigns For Luke Cage During Ghost Rider Panel

SDCC '11: Idris Elba Campaigns For Luke Cage During Ghost Rider Panel

While discussing his character in Ghost Rider, Idris Elba publicly throws his name into the ring for potential candidates to play Luke Cage. The fans go wild!

captain americaAt the Sony panel for Ghost Rider, Idris Elba publicly states he wants to play Luke Cage.
Info from a Live Blog moderated by Marvel employees Agent_M AND Strommy, Bleeding Cool and Twitter attendees:

Host:Are there any other comic projects you [Elba] would like to do?

Elba: [Takes a deep breath and dramatic pause] Luke Cage, [he says in a deep voice, crowd reportedly goes wild]

In speaking on his Ghost Rider character, Elba goes on to briefly describes him as "a wine-drinking, french, warrior monk."

Now referring back to Luke Cage, Elba said
“We [Marvel] just need to know that you [the fans] want that.”

Does this mean Marvel has spoken to Elba already and is gauging fan reaction to the casting? Or is he just trying to get fan support behind him? Either way, with all this talk about Luke Cage, it seems that Marvel is definitely thinking about the project. In a relatively short panel [40 min.], Elba spent more time talking about Luke Cage than he did Ghost Rider.
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