THE WALKING DEAD's Chad Coleman Wants To Play LUKE CAGE

THE WALKING DEAD's Chad Coleman Wants To Play LUKE CAGE

Chad Coleman, Tyreese on AMC's The Walking Dead expresses a strong desire to play Luke Cage for Marvel Studios. He even gives us a brief taste of what his Luke Cage would sound like and delivers his infamous catchphrase, "Sweet Christmas."

" I want to play Luke Cage so I'll put it out there right now, 'I want to play Luke Cage.' So I'm going to be working on trying to develop that. [Walking Dead EP] Gale Anne Hurd, I know you're listening, I'll see you in Atlanta, I know we haven't talked about this yet [laughs] but I would love to play Luke Cage."

"When I started to embody Tyreese, it really got the wheels turning because I admire what Robert Downey Jr. is able to do with Iron Man. I admire [comic book movies] when it's done a certain way, there has to be gravity to it - it can't be cheesy...I feel like I can take that on."


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