Will AKA Jessica Jones' Version Of Luke Cage Be True To The Comics?

Will AKA Jessica Jones' Version Of Luke Cage Be True To The Comics?

Will <i>AKA Jessica Jones</i>' Version Of Luke Cage Be True To The Comics?

Melissa Rosenberg dishes on villain The Purple Man, which other characters we could see (including Ant-Man!) and reveals that the show's version of Luke Cage might differ from the comic's one..

Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is certainly talking her new tv show AKA Jessica Jones up a storm. In this latest interview with io9 she reveals much more about what we can expect to see. The show, which is based on the Marvel comic Alias by Brian Michael Bendis, deals with a female super hero who suffers terrible abuse at the hands of a sadistic villain known as The Purple Man. Rosenberg says that this character will be slightly different..in that he won't be purple, and may not even be called Purple Man. She says she is "open to interpretations of him" so it sounds like nothing is set in stone yet. But I guess even if that character goes through a few alterations it won't be such a big deal. But what about some of the more well known and beloved heroes like Luke Cage? Here is an excerpt from the interview..

io9: Are you guys going to break canon with Luke Cage?

MR: Maybe a little bit — you have to stay true. Luke Cage is a Marvel Universe character, you really have to stay true to who he was, but there are some… yeah. There are some things that might surprise you. So the answer to that is, Yes and no. I've learned from Twilight that there's only so much canon-breaking you can do.

io9: I read that this is taking place in the Marvel Universe, but that there are some characters you can work with and others you can't, I know Ant-Man has a lot to do with Jessica Jones, I know there's a big Captain America side story, are we going to see these characters?

MR: I love Ant-Man by the way — what a crazy superpower. Different characters are owned by different studios, The Avengers are owned by one studio, the X-Men are owned by another. There are a lot of toes out there that you have to avoid stepping on. We'll use any character that they'll let us.

io9: You're obviously introducing Jessica and Luke to the Marvel Universe, so would Marvel let you introduce a new Avenger like Ant-Man through the show?

MR: I don't know if Ant-Man is going to be available to us. The trick is if they have their own movie coming out, then probably not. But I don't know that Ant-Man has his own movie, so I'm hoping he's going to be available to us. But there's thousands of characters, there's really no limit to what we can't use in terms of finding someone with similar powers. There's also various different characters that they reinvent every couple of decades.

Even the possibility of an appearance by Ant-Man is a cool prospect, but this also sounds like these shows might not be as tied into the Marvel Movie universe as we had previously thought. The changes to Cage sound minimal enough but how would you Power Man fans feel is they were to alter him too much? From what we have heard so far and being a fan of the Alias comic this show has shot right up to my most anticipated from the Marvel batch which includes Hulk and The Punisher. What do you guys think?

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