Marvel Is Reportedly Casting A Deaf Actress For Disney+ Show - Could It Be DAREDEVIL's Echo?

Marvel Is Reportedly Casting A Deaf Actress For Disney+ Show - Could It Be DAREDEVIL's Echo?

A new report indicates that Marvel is searching for a deaf, Native American actress for a role in an upcoming Disney+ series, and that description certainly suggests that the character could be Echo...

Could Marvel be planning to introduce Daredevil character Echo to one of the upcoming Disney+ shows? If details from a new casting call are accurate, there aren't many other previously established Marvel Comics characters that fit the bill!

According to Murphy's Multiverse, frequent Marvel Studios casting director Sarah Finn is currently searching for a "deaf female, Native American, First Nations, Indigenous or Latinx, 18 or older" actress to play an “independent, athletic and bright” 20-something character in a Disney+ series.

The name on the casting sheet is "Malia," but this description sounds a lot like Daredevil supporting character Maya Lopez, aka Echo.

Created by David Mack and Joe Quesada in the late '90s, Echo was first introduced as an adversary for The Man Without Fear before switching allegiances and reinventing herself as a hero. She reemerged in 2005 and took up the mantle of Ronin for Brian Michael Bendis' New Avengers run, before going on to befriend and work alongside the likes of Wolverine and Moon Knight.

Assuming this is Echo, which series could she appear in? Hawkeye is one possibility given their shared association with the Ronin mantle, but our money is on Moon Knight. That show is hasn't officially entered production yet (as far as we know), but it would make more sense for Lopez to be introduced as a love interest/eventual foe for Marc Spector given their history in the comics.

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