RUMOR: Marvel Is Developing A MOON KNIGHT Series For Netflix

RUMOR: Marvel Is Developing A MOON KNIGHT Series For Netflix

Is Marc Spector being lined up to join Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and co. on the small screen? That's the latest rumor, though we don't have many details.

Not too much on this yet, so take it with the requisite grain of salt - but during a guest spot on Collider Heroes, Heroic Hollywood's El Mayimbe mentioned that Marvel was planning to develop a Moon Knight TV series for Netflix.

Marc Spector is often referred to as Marvel's version of Bruce Wayne (though obviously he's not as well-known as Batman), and also being a violent SOB on occasion, Netflix would seem to be the perfect place to showcase this character. Skip to around the 10:00 point in the video for the relevant conversation.

Marvel recently announced a new ongoing Moon Knight comic from Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood that seems to be putting a very interesting twist on Mr. Spector by making him a patient in an insane asylum - so that could influence the TV series if they're looking to try something a bit different with this. Then again, there's plenty of great source material out there already.

What do you guys think? We have heard rumblings of a Moon Knight TV show before so is this just speculation built on top of previous rumor, or do we finally have something solid?
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