Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Wants To Play Stan Lee In A Biopic

Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Wants To Play Stan Lee In A Biopic

Warner Bros. is reportedly eyeing Leonardo DiCaprio to play the Joker in a standalone origin film but a new report from HasCon says The Revenant actor actually wants to star in a Stan Lee biopic.

Is Stan Lee being cheeky or is Leonaro DiCaprio actually weighing whether he should purse playing Stan Lee in a biopic? Lee was a featured guest at HasCon (Hasbro Con 2017) where he was asked who he'd want to play him in a biopic? It turns out Lee has already met with someone to discuss the project and it's none other than The Wolf of Wall Street award-winning actor.

Said Lee to the crowd, "
Believe it or not, I’ve already discussed it with Leonardo DiCaprio.  He’s a neighbor of mine and we were talking one day some months ago, and he said, ‘Boy it’d be fun to do your story on the screen.’ So I said, ‘Well, I’ll audition you.’ Gotta make sure the guy can do it."

While Lee was obviously playing the crowd for laughs there's likely some truth to his statement.  Of course, WB reportedly wants DiCaprio for their Joker origin film that will apparently anchor their new line of DC Films that exist outside of the DCEU.  Will DiCaprio be forced to chose one role over the other or could he possibly do both?  Stay tuned for further updates.

Also, if you watched the female wrestling drama Glow starring Alison Brie on Netflix, many Marvel fans immediately zeroed in on actor and podcaster Marc Maron as a dead ringer for Stan.

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