As Expected, THE GIFTED Has Been Canceled After Two Seasons Following The Disney/Fox Merger

As Expected, THE GIFTED Has Been Canceled After Two Seasons Following The Disney/Fox Merger

Disney is planning to reboot the X-Men franchise, so it probably won't surprise you to learn that shortly after Legion was cancelled, the same fate has befallen The Gifted on FOX. Check it out...

After just two seasons on FOX, live-action X-Men TV series The Gifted is now coming to an end.

The now Disney-owned network has cancelled the show just over a month after the season two finale aired. That will now serve as a series finale and while a third batch of episodes was planned, everyone expected The Gifted to end once the Disney/Fox merger was complete, anyway, as Marvel Studios is obviously looking to reboot the franchise and doesn't want a TV show messing with those plans. 

The Gifted was never really a ratings hit, either, as season two averaged less than two million viewers per episode. But it certainly had its fans, and they are bound to be disappointed with how things ended.

After all, it featured a cliffhanger ending which saw Reed Strucker die and the surprise return of Blink.

Now, that's never going to be resolved and The Gifted joins Legion as the second of two X-Men TV shows to be scrapped. With the MCU moving to Disney+, it seems like Jeph Loeb and Marvel Television's powers are rapidly fading and the entire division could soon be completely shut down. 

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