New Report Claims Marvel's THE PUNISHER Won't Debut On October 13th After All

New Report Claims Marvel's THE PUNISHER Won't Debut On October 13th After All

It was recently revealed that Netflix is seemingly planning a stealth release of The Punisher on October 13th but it now appears as we shouldn't put too much stock into that rumoured date after all...

A recent magazine feature on The Punisher seemingly revealed that the series will premiere on Netflix on October 13th but with no official word from the online streaming service, we remain in the dark about when Frank Castle will return. Well, Screen Rant claims that their sources have told them that the reported premiere date is incorrect...the question is, of course, should we believe them? 

Probably, yes, but not because the author of the site's post is particularly reliable. It's common sense that Marvel and Netflix wouldn't reveal the premiere date in a magazine when they've made a point of keeping it a secret in all of the trailers and promos; not even the trades know when it's debuting! 

As of right now, the signs are pointing to The Punisher getting some sort of stealth release but probably not until after Marvel has
chance to promote it at the New York Comic-Con. Even then, it's hard to imagine Netflix not wanting to build up hype for the series, especially as it's recently been reported that The Defenders has been struggling in terms of viewership. It seems we'll have to wait and see! 

When do you guys think we'll get to see The Punisher? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
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