THE PUNISHER And Billy Russo Jigsaw Exchange Gunfire In This New Season 2 Set Video

THE PUNISHER And <strike>Billy Russo</strike> Jigsaw Exchange Gunfire In This New Season 2 Set Video

Billy "The Beaut" Russo is no more, but Jigsaw is out for vengeance! See Frank Castle trade shots with his old nemesis in a new video from the season 2 set of Marvel and Netflix's The Punisher...

After having his face shredded by Frank Castle towards the end of The Punisher season 1, it looks like Billy Russo will be back for revenge when season 2 premieres on Netflix this December.

Another video from the set has been posted online, and it shows Jon Bernthal's ultra-violent vigilante engaging in a gunfight with Ben Barnes' returning villain - however, he doesn't seem to be sporting any major facial scars.

Either the scars will be added in post, or this incarnation of Jigsaw won't be nearly as disfigured as his comic book counterpart. Though given the state Frank left him in in the season 1 finale (see above), we're leading towards the former.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think.

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