STRANGER THINGS Season 3 Breaks Netflix's Viewership Records With Massive Global Launch Numbers

STRANGER THINGS Season 3 Breaks Netflix's Viewership Records With Massive Global Launch Numbers

Stranger Things continues to be a hit for Netflix, as Season 3 of the hit sci-fi original series has racked up record-breaking launch numbers for the streaming giant over its July 4th weekend premiere.

Netflix doesn't typically dive deep into the metrics of their shows, but every now and then the streaming giant does offer some insight into its viewership numbers - especially if a show is doing particularly well. The latest is Stranger Things, which launched its third season on July 4. Taking to social media, Netflix acknowledged some record breaking numbers for the hit sci-fi original series.

As of July 8, a record 40.7 million household accounts have watched at least some of Stranger Things Season 3. That's more than any other Netflix film or series in its first four days.

As Netflix previously clarified, it counts a "view" as someone who watched at least 70 percent of one episode. Perhaps that's why they added the additional stat that 18.2 million have already finished all eight episodes in the season.
To put these numbers into perspective, The Umbrella Academy was viewed by 45 million household accounts in one month, while the Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sander comedy Murder Mystery was watched by over 30 million accounts in the first three days of its release; that was the "biggest opening weekend ever" for a Netflix original film. Back in December, Bird Box, the thriller starring Sandra Bullock, was watched by 45 million accounts over the course of a week; that was the best first seven days ever for a Netflix film.

Clearly, Stranger Things still remains one of Netflix's most popular series. That said, Season 3 currently sits at a 91 percent (87 percent audience score) on Rotten Tomatoes. Both are the lowest of the three seasons, so should that be cause for concern for Netflix and the future of its hit show?

Stranger Things Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix. Have you watched the new season yet?
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