THE MANDALORIAN: Jon Favreau Is Already Working On Season 2 Of The Live-Action STAR WARS Series

THE MANDALORIAN: Jon Favreau Is Already Working On Season 2 Of The Live-Action STAR WARS Series

We still haven't seen an official trailer for The Mandalorian, but creator Jon Favreau has now revealed that he's actually writing & working on pre-production for the second season of the Star Wars series.

It looks like Disney and Lucasfilm are confident that The Mandalorian is going to be a hit, because creator/writer Jon Favreau is already working on a second season.

While chatting to Collider, The Lion King director revealed that he actually wrote scripts for the first season before he was officially hired for the gig, and is currently in the middle of writing Season 2.

“I keep getting pulled deeper into the orbit of Disney, but fortunately the stuff that Disney’s working on is the stuff that I love. I wanted to do a Star Wars TV show like The Mandalorian and pitched it to them and they were very open to it. I even wrote four episodes before I even was hired to do it because I was excited as a fan to see what these stories might be and see if they were interested in doing what I was interested in, which they were. And I was actually writing Season 2 this morning before I came here.”

Favreau also says that he's begun to utilize the VR technology that'll be used to render the show's visual effects in real time. So, while he's still working on the story, pre-production has already begun in order to integrate the actors into the digital environments once shooting does eventually commence.

This is great to hear and obviously bodes very well for the first live-action Star Wars series. Hopefully we'll get a trailer soon.

Check out some previously released stills, promo and concept art below, and let us know what you think. The Mandalorian is set to premiere on Disney+ on November 19.

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