Most Of The Network Shows That Shut Down Won't Return This Season To Air Their Final Episodes

Most Of The Network Shows That Shut Down Won't Return This Season To Air Their Final Episodes

The bad news keeps coming, as it's being reported that TV shows which have been postponed are unlikely to return in the coming months to air their final episodes. Here's what that means for our favourites!

Pretty much every major network show you can think of has been put on hiatus as a result of the Coronavirus, but those of you looking forward to the final few episodes of your favourite shows may end up being disappointed.

This is, of course, an unprecedented situation for the entertainment industry, so no one really seems to know what to do, but Vulture is reporting that at least four unnamed shows have now told cast and crew that their seasons are finished. Executives of major broadcast networks are said to be moving under the assumption that no series halted due to COVID-19 will be returning anytime soon. 

The site adds that multiple sources have also informed them that current seasons will be cut off early "anywhere from one to four episodes short of their planned full-season orders." One anonymous executive added: "Realistically, every show that shut production down is done."

As we've previously reported, work on the likes of Stranger Things and The Witcher has been paused, while every Disney+ TV show is no longer being shot, including those set in the MCU. 

When Warner Bros. decided to pull the plug on its shows, we learned that both Supernatural and Supergirl were filming their respective finales (in the case of the former, it's the last episode ever). What a decision like this means for them is impossible to say, but these disruptions are the new norm.

Hopefully, official word from these networks will be with us sooner rather than later.

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