SUPERNATURAL Star Jensen Ackles Suits Up As The RED HOOD For Halloween

SUPERNATURAL Star Jensen Ackles Suits Up As The RED HOOD For Halloween

SUPERNATURAL Star Jensen Ackles Suits Up As The RED HOOD For Halloween

Supernatural star and former Jason Todd/Red Hood voice actor Jensen Ackles has just shared a pretty awesome new photoshoot, featuring himself suited up as the badass dual-pistol wielding antihero.

After snapping a funny shot with a Red Hood costume this summer, Supernatural star Jensen Ackles has just shared an awesome new photoshoot, featuring himself wearing the iconic costume and striking a number of badass poses. 

Ackles, of course, voiced Jason Todd and his Red Hood alter-ego in the critically-acclaimed Batman: Under the Red Hood animated film and ever since, has been one of the most popular fan casting choices to play the role in a potential live-action movie. However, considering the current state of DC Films, a movie based on the popular Batman: Under the Hood comic storyline is probably a long ways away.

While Ackles may not be playing the part, Jason Todd will make an appearance in the DC Universe's Titans, where he'll be played by Curran Walters, but it's uncertain whether he'll adopt the Red Hood persona or if fans will only see him as the former Robin in flashbacks.

There's seven photos in total, so be sure to click the arrow on the right to see them all!


#JasonTodd meet #DeanWinchester Well this is awkward. #batmanundertheredhood #supernatural

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The exciting journey of the Winchester brothers continues as SUPERNATURAL enters its thirteenth season. Sam and Dean have encountered every kind of supernatural threat, facing down monsters, demons, and gods. Saving people, hunting things, and keeping the world safe. In the show’s twelfth season, the Winchesters were reunited with their long-dead mother and joined forces with the British arm of the Men of Letters. But things turned from bad to worse, with the return of Lucifer and the surprising revelation that the Devil is expecting a child. Now, Sam and Dean find themselves facing a creature of almost unimaginable power… one that could save the world… or destroy it. 

Supernatural features:
Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
Misha Collins as Castiel
Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester
Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer/Nick
Alexander Calvert as Jack

Supernatural returns with a brand new episode November 1
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