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I like to speculate (and usually end up dead wrong). The Dark Knight Trilogy has a profound impact on me, I for one— enjoy the "grounded" approach. And I'm an on-and-off supporter of stereoscopic 3D.

Weren't you the fella that hated on Marvel's The Avengers?

Yep, that's me. To my defense, Iron Man 2 and Thor really worried me. I feared that all of their films would follow that same commercial direction of building up for Avengers movies.

When I saw the first Avengers trailer, I was underwhelmed. Surely it'll be light-entertainment, but it didn't seem as exciting as the forced build-up in the previous films. So I had very negative comments toward the film.

Then came the Super Bowl TV spot, which wow'd just about all of the detractors. That's the magic of having the VFX finally rendered. At that point, I could not find a single fault with the film. Till I saw it at midnight with noisy fanboys and an extremely dim projection on screen. While I laughed and cheered along the way, I wasn't blown away. Well, not until I played the film on my HDTV panel with the director's commentary rolling, that realized the genius of Joss Whedon (yes, I have seen Buffy prior to all this).

That's my long story. It was an up-and-down road for me and Marvel Studios.
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