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Leave something for the imagination! Leave something for the imagination! has become a world-renowned source for info about everyone's favorite films, but is our effectiveness at getting the word out royally screwing us out of the sheer enjoyment that we gleen from these movies?? - BellHorneKing
In JOYLESS night. In JOYLESS night.
"Joyless". Was this word even in use before Green Lantern appeared in theatres? A simple search of the internet reveals that the judge, jury and executioners of Martin Campbell's ill-fated superhero epic may have been reading from the exact same playbook... - BellHorneKing
Optimus Prime: I'll Kill Them All! ?? Optimus Prime: "I'll Kill Them All!" ??
Transformers... - BellHorneKing
Defending James Newton Howard's GL Soundtrack Defending James Newton Howard's GL Soundtrack
Derided almost immediately by every imaginable critic, the knee-jerk hatred of this soundtrack would leave one to believe that this film's score is amongst its many casualties of cinema! James Newton Howard's score is actually one of the film's greatest strengths! Here's why: - BellHorneKing