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The Joker Blogs Finale is Coming! The Joker Blogs Finale is Coming!
It's all been leading up to this... - BmacAttack
Batman Forsaken Fanfilm Trailer Batman Forsaken Fanfilm Trailer
Cool trailer for the fan film from the convention costumer group, Gotham Public Works! - BmacAttack
Batman 3 Concept Art? Batman 3 Concept Art?
Check out this amazing digital sculpture of Batman in desert gear! - BmacAttack
Watchmen Director's Cut  DVD Review "Watchmen Director's Cut" DVD Review
One of the year's most underrated movies just got a little better... - BmacAttack
Arkham Animated Film Trailer "Arkham" Animated Film Trailer
Trailer for one of next year's DC animated features. - BmacAttack
Transformers ROTF Wheelie Clip! Transformers ROTF Wheelie Clip!
Now in English, with asian Japanese subtitles! Whoo hoo! - BmacAttack