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The Sinister Six Fancast The Sinister Six Fancast
So, for the most part, I have been casting characters from the DC Universe. So now, it's time to switch it up. For this article, I will be casting the villains for a film that I am looking forward in the future that Sony announced not to long ago: THE SINISTER SIX! - Danthemovieman
Top 10 Actors To Play The Joker Top 10 Actors To Play The Joker
So, instead of casting a bunch of actors as different roles, I figured on just casting one character. And to do that, I've chosen many different actors to play this character. Today, we will be talking about one of the greatest if not the greatest villain of all time. The clown prince of crime himself: THE JOKER! - Danthemovieman
Aquaman Fancast Aquaman Fancast
So, I've done one for the fastest man alive, I've done one for the emerald knight, and now here we are, my fancast for the king of Atlantis: AQUAMAN! - Danthemovieman
Green Lantern Reboot Fancast Green Lantern Reboot Fancast
Well, I assume that some people read up on my thoughts on who should star in the upcoming Flash movie, now it's time for me to do a fancast for a reboot of the emerald guardian himself: GREEN LANTERN. - Danthemovieman
The Flash (2016) Fancast The Flash (2016) Fancast
With all of the Batman vs. Superman movie news being thrown around left and right, I came up with who should star in a movie about the scarlet speedster himself: THE FLASH! - Danthemovieman