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FlixMentallo21 Presents: Transformers: Animated--The Lost Episodes FlixMentallo21 Presents: "Transformers: Animated"--The Lost Episodes
A fancast for two more animated installments of the fan-favorite Transformers series. Autobots--transform and roll out, once again! - FlixMentallo21
FlixMentallo21 and ILoveStargirl Present: The Spectacular Spider-Man, Season 3--What Could've Been... FlixMentallo21 and ILoveStargirl Present: "The Spectacular Spider-Man", Season 3--What Could've Been...
A fan-casting collaboration for a third season of the beloved animated series starring your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Excelsior! - FlixMentallo21
FlixMentallo21 Presents: Teen Titans/X-Men: Apokolips Now! FlixMentallo21 Presents: "Teen Titans/X-Men: Apokolips Now!"
My fancast for an animated TV movie spin-off of the 2003 Teen Titans animated series, adapted from the classic 1982 DC/Marvel crossover. - FlixMentallo21
FlixMentallo21 Presents: Dan Brereton's Nocturnals, An Animated Series FlixMentallo21 Presents: "Dan Brereton's Nocturnals", An Animated Series
A fancast for an animated series adaptation of the cult-favorite painted horror pulp comic, guaranteed to make your blood run cold.... - FlixMentallo21
FlixMentallo21 Presents: Doom Patrol: The Animated Series FlixMentallo21 Presents: "Doom Patrol: The Animated Series"
A fancast entry in JaredWebb12's reboot of the DC Extended Universe, based on the cult-favorite weirdo super-team. In the words of Jim Morrison, people are strange... - FlixMentallo21
FlixMentallo21 Presents: G.I. Joe: Resurgence--Redemption, A Netflix Original Miniseries FlixMentallo21 Presents: "G.I. Joe: Resurgence--Redemption", A Netflix Original Miniseries
A fancast follow-up to "G.I. Joe Resurgence", based on the new custom action figure project by Phoenix Customs. You like Suicide Squad? Fan of Thunderbolts? Then check out this band of renegades--Yo Joe! - FlixMentallo21