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TOTAL RECALL: Movie Review TOTAL RECALL: Movie Review
My thoughts on the recent "Total Recall" remake starring Colin Farrel. Is it better than the original Arnie movie? Is it even worth your time? Will you see nipples? - HarrisonBergeron
My Battle: Los Angeles Review My Battle: Los Angeles Review
Another of my short and simple movie reviews. No fancy pictures or vids, just my thoughts on a movie that only has one other review on CBM. - HarrisonBergeron
Tron:Legacy Tron:Legacy
My short/simple thoughts on Tron:Legacy. - HarrisonBergeron
HB's IM2 Review HB's IM2 Review
My likes and dislikes, nothing fancy. - HarrisonBergeron
McG should have stuck to his guns. McG should have stuck to his guns.
If McG had stuck to his original plans, or at least stayed true to his original ideas, his movie could have been epic. - HarrisonBergeron