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Smallville Fan-Made Scion Ending Smallville Fan-Made Scion Ending
What if CW went this route? - hawkngo
Smallville Season 10 -Finale Teaser(FAN-MADE) Smallville Season 10 -Finale Teaser(FAN-MADE)
If someone with this talent can pull this off then Smallville & Co can pull this off too hopefully..... - hawkngo
Smallville - Masquerade Preview Clip Smallville - Masquerade Preview Clip
Chole is either damned or dead. - hawkngo
My Smallville Finale My Smallville Finale
like Lionel Luthor stated "I have returned." - hawkngo
SMALLVILLE Masquerade Promo SMALLVILLE "Masquerade" Promo
Clark Kent is just the mask, "Masquerade" teaser past the jump... - hawkngo
Smallville Joker Promo Smallville Joker Promo
What would the joker look like in Smallville... - hawkngo