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FAN CAST: Young Justice FAN CAST: Young Justice
A cast of the original team, the new members of season 2, The Reach, The Light and more! - Kakarot
FAN CAST: 1960's Batman FAN CAST: 1960's Batman
The possibility of what a serious Batman film could've looked like in the 1960's. What if Batman had been tested in a more serious live action way back then instead? With no relation to the Adam West version, I bring you my take. - Kakarot
Spider-Man Trilogy FanCast + Plot Spider-Man Trilogy FanCast + Plot
A totally original Spider-Man trilogy fan cast with some plot outline for each film. You've seen my cast for an 80's Spidey movie, how about present day? - Kakarot
80's Spider-Man Fancast 80's Spider-Man Fancast
What could a Spider-Man movie have looked like in the 1980's? - Kakarot
80's Teen Titans Fancast 80's Teen Titans Fancast
The 80's had many great teen actors, what would they've been like as the Teen Titans? - Kakarot
Teen Titans Series FanCast Teen Titans Series FanCast
The way I imagine a Teen Titans TV series cast would look. Featuring Nightwing, Robin, Wonder Girl, Superboy, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Impulse, Aquagirl, Deathstroke, Raven, Brother Blood, Red Arrow, etc. - Kakarot