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Contact MementoMori I've been roaming around on this site and for years now, however never registered to either because of my general dislike of any online footprint. But with the growing number of not only comic book movies, but quality comic book movies; it seems that the comic book and graphic novel medium will continue to be represented in film which is something I look forward to... mostly. I am a huge fan of all films in general along with my own unique tastes, styles, and influences within all genres and am an obvious comic and graphic novel fan with many on my shelves and even more that I've read. Some favorites from my archive of books are: Watchmen, Too many Batman books to list, Preacher books, Hellblazer books, V for Vendetta, Spiderman books, Superman books, JLA Books, X-men books, and I'm hoping to add many more to the list over the coming years... depending on whether I can afford these along with movies and keeping myself fed.
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