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5 Most Influential Superheroes 5 Most Influential Superheroes
My list of the 5 superheroes I think are most responsible for taking us from Bat-nipples and bad one-liners, to the mind-blowing awesomeness coming our way over the next 2 summers. - MoonDoggyX
Let's Keep It Real! Let's Keep It Real!
Who doesn't enjoy a good flame war? Its fun. However, both sides are getting more bold and outlandish every day. The whole thing has become sillier than West Side Story. Everyone just needs to chill, keep it real... then insult eachother's mothers! - MoonDoggyX
Is Superman Really Irrelevant to Todays Movie Audience? Is Superman Really Irrelevant to Todays Movie Audience?
Zach Snyder and company keep talking about making Superman "relevant" again. Does Superman as a mythos really need to be updated to make to make it resonate better with a modern movie audience? - MoonDoggyX