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'In Time' SDCC Footage/Trailer Released 'In Time' SDCC Footage/Trailer Released
First trailer for sci-fi thriller 'In Time' which made its debut in the SDCC, starring Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Matt Bomer, and Olivia Wilde - rockingrich1webb
Green Lantern Movie Review Green Lantern Movie Review
Did Green Lantern really live up to its expectations? Or were the critics right about it being that bad? Check it out... (No Spoilers) - rockingrich1webb
Azureus Rising, an Awesome Sci-fi Animated Short Azureus Rising, an Awesome Sci-fi Animated Short
I was surfing the net until I stumbled on a pretty bad-ass short called Azureus Rising. I researched a little on it and so far it's still being developed into a video game/movie franchise. Check it out... - rockingrich1webb
We are your last hope. We are the chosen. We will save you. We are Warriors... - rockingrich1webb
Megan Fox on the Transformers 3 Movie Set Megan Fox on the Transformers 3 Movie Set
It seems Transformers 3 is already prepping for shooting with the lovely Megan Fox and our favorite robotic-transforming-Camaro, Bumblebee. - rockingrich1webb
Video: Predators Sneak Peek! Video: Predators Sneak Peek!
20th Century Fox has revealed a sneak peek of Predators that was shown at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas on Friday night. - rockingrich1webb