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Contact sKeemAn I began reading comics as a child. My father owned stacks and stacks of different books from the 50's through the 70's. I started off with the comics like Archie and Hot Stuff. The concepts of these comics were very simple for a child my age. I quickly graduated to Action Comics and Marvel. I stuck with Marvel through my teen years as they were more relatable to my persona.
During those years I got hooked onto the X-Men series. The diversity and storytelling of the X-men kept me very interested on a day to day basis. I really enjoyed the different powers, and the different cultures and history of each character. I grew up in the Bay Area where there are many different ethnic backgrounds, which is probably why the X-Men appealed to me so much.
As an adult I am very much still a comic book fan. The good thing now is there are movies that bring them to life. Its something I always dreamed of as a child.
My father bestowed upon me his vast collection of comics, some I've never read, and didnt even know he had. I own some of the earliest incarnations of Superman, Batman, Avengers, Iron Man, X-men, Captain America, and Tales to Astonish (not in mint condition).
I am proud to be a fan of a genre that is just now being brought to the general population. I am a fan of all CBM's. I nitpick like the rest of the nerds but it never stops my enjoyment of seeing my favorite characters brought to life.
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