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What if?! What if?!
I found some amusing video's about some of our favorite super heroes on youtube. Thought i'd share them with you. - Spilox
Captain Future Movie Captain Future Movie
Christian Alvart (Case 39, Pandorum) is going to make a movie about scifi hero Captain Future, who also starred in his own cartoon series in the '80s. - Spilox
Animated Moomins Movie Animated Moomins Movie
Childhood memories coming to the silver screen. - Spilox
More DC Comic Games More DC Comic Games
Following their announcement of a new studio opening in Montréal, Warner Interactive’s president Martin Tremblay told the guys at Gameocus, via a phone interview, that the new Montreal studio will focus on developing games based on the DC Comics license. - Spilox
Lucky Luke out now! Lucky Luke out now!
As promised here's an update on the Lucky Luke movie - Spilox
Wolverine Secret Endings Wolverine Secret Endings
The secret ending we saw tonight featured Col. Stryker. - Spilox