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Contact TheOneAboveAll Lurker since a year after the website started, when I finally decided to make an account I forgot about it till recently (2012) and have decided to become very active in the community. IQ:178 (I certify myself as one of the smartest people some people will ever meet); guitarist, book writer, script writer, short story writer, movie buff, movie maker enthusiast/hobbyist, innovata, innovator, inventor, astronomy and astrophysics are my hobby, yes I actually like performing physics calculations for fun..., I am in the running to study Neurology and psychiatry so that I can get in and out of your brains and minds, I am an entrepenuer, I like to keep my inner grammar Nazi on the low side but if you begin to use improper grammar, capitalization, and spelling too often you might just bring it out, The first book of mine shall be published near the end of the summer of 2013 and the first album of my band will be released next year 2014. I strive to always push boundaries and break through limits(reversed order on purpose). I plan on creating a business within the coming years that will present to the world new technology that will revolutionize everything.
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An introspective look at Zack Synder's Superman/Batman movie. An introspective look at Zack Synder's Superman/Batman movie.
A small editorial about uncovering and attempting to read between the lines of what is and what could be. This shall also include something unconventional in a personal pick of whom I assume to believe would be the best Batman/Bruce Wayne. - TheOneAboveAll